MATTER - 001

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Flexible Granular Delay Engine
Get into the far-reaching depths of matter-001 advanced features to dial in the exact sound you want.

Grain emitter: Slice your sounds, then easily sync them to your master tempo or leave them unsynced for a more experimental vibe.

Sequence: Add natural-sounding variations over time for less repetitive, more organic sounds.

Pitch Shift: Alter the pitch of your sound without affecting its length or timing. Lock it into a scale for the most musical result

Formats: 64 bit AU and  VST3

macOS 10.9 or higher
Windows 10 or higher

Transcend Time

time is a substance, be the artist
transpose lower or higher to create chords
stay synced or free run with all effects
create infinite feedback loops
trigger grains based on time divisons or milliseconds
sequence triggered grains over time
set an offset until grains are triggered


dry vs wet demo


dry vs wet demo


dry vs wet + bass


dry vs wet + bass

Support in your favourite DAW

start creating now!

Officially tested on:

Ableton Live 10+
Logic Pro X 10.5+
Studio One 5+
FL Studio 20.8+
GarageBand 10.4+

Software downloads are provided in both 64 bit AU and  VST3 formats.

To run Matter-001 without problems you will need: macOS 10.9 or higher or Windows 10 or higher

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